It is a known fact that substance abuse constitutes a detrimental effect on the health. Basically substance abuse refers to alcohol and drug abuse, and it refers to the act of taking drugs and alcohol indiscriminately. In this sense, they are taken in excess quantities, for the purpose of enhancing the “pleasure” feel which is produced in their brain.

It is good to understand the accompanying negative effects of drugs and alcohol, so that the intake would be on the decline. Irrespective of the fact that they make you feel better, they are actually inducing a damage which would reflect in the long term.

Drugs and alcohol are known to impact almost all parts of the body, starting from the heart, to the major and minor organs in the body. It could induce abnormal heart rates; it could cause heart attacks, and when injecting drugs could make the veins to collapse and infect the heart valves.

Some drugs even have the capacity to prevent your bones from undergoing proper growth, and others could cause muscle cramps and overall general weakness of the body. When drugs and alcohol are taken over time, they will eventually destroy the liver and the kidney.

Someone who is under the influence of alcohol and drugs would most likely forget to use protection during sexual activities. Unprotected sex has the tendency to increase the chances of coming down with a sexually transmitted disease. When you share needles which are used to inject some drugs, there is a tendency that you can contract diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

In addition, there are legal consequences which are attached to substance abuse, and you might have to deal with them for a good part of your life. Most employers would need you to take a drug test to ascertain you are okay, before they give you a job.

Financial problems can also arise as a result of substance abuse, because alcohol and drugs are expensive, and it costs more because you are using it frequently. Substance abuse also takes a huge toll on your productivity at work and school.

Eventually, substance abuse leads to death if the individual refuses to refrain from it. It is advised that those who are hooked on alcohol and drugs opt for rehab before it takes their lives.



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