There is a very thin line between conventional use of drug, and drug addiction. Only a few percentage of people are able to tell when they have crossed the boundary. The rate at which drugs are taken, or the amount they are consumed does not compulsorily lead to drug addiction and abuse, they are usually pointers to problems which are drug related.

One feature about drug addiction is, it tends to meet a particular need whereby you will see yourself depending on it at an increasing rate. You might find an addict taking illegal drugs in a bid to boost his energy levels; to calm down, or to make him more confident. With time, the person might begin to take prescription drugs without getting the right prescription from a healthcare specialist, such drugs usually step-down pain, cope with panic attacks and the likes.

For some people, they take drugs in a bid to help them connect socially. There are some set of people who take drugs for the first instance during social meetings with friends and colleagues. There is this feeling which makes them want to feel along, and usually, the easiest way to achieve it, is to take what they are taking.

When it comes to the effects of drug addiction, there are usually various physical effects. However, the symptoms are always alike. To start with, the individual in question would exhibit negligence of responsibilities both at home, work or school.

Some of them would use drugs even under critical conditions, not minding the consequences attached to it. With time, some of them would enter into legal problems which include driving under the influence of drugs, disorderly conduct and the likes.

For a good number of drug addicts, they usually face certain problems in their relationships, and it usually ends up being strained.

Drug addicts usually find it hard to control the way they ingest drugs. When they stop for a while without taking it, there are usually some symptoms which follow, known as withdrawal symptoms. The accompanying side effects are sometimes grave or mild. Hence, it is quite difficult to do without drugs.

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