Alcohol is one of the most commonly addictive substance in the world, and excessive intake of alcohol has the capacity to impair the health of an individual. If care is not taken, Alcohol addiction could cause death, which stems from the presence of chronic diseases. Alcohol addiction has serious consequences, and the sad part is, addicts are usually oblivious to this.

What addicts care about, is the pleasure which comes with taking alcohol. Hence, even though some of them are aware of the effects, they would rather satisfy themselves, than worry about the consequences which alcohol addiction comes with.

The following parts of the body are affected by alcohol addiction:

  • Heart: Stroke, uneven heartbeat and high blood pressure
  • Immune system: Increased vulnerability to certain diseases which include pneumonia, tuberculosis and the likes
  • Pancreas: Swelling and inflammation of blood vessels which counteract digestion
  • Kidneys: Acute failure of the kidney and chronic disease of the kidney
  • Liver: Fibrosis, alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis and inflammation

Research has shown that, alcohol has an effect on the brain. More precisely, it has a long-term and short-term effect on the brain, thereby disrupting the communication pathways of the brain. This can modify the cognitive function, mood and behaviour of the brain.

In addition to this, the brain could also experience damage as a result of alcohol-influenced nutrition deficiencies, disease of the liver and alcohol-influenced seizures. For pregnant women, it can be said that it is more dangerous, as it can affect both the pregnant woman, and the brains of unborn children, which could cause various fetal disorders.

It has been studied that, brain problems which are caused by alcohol addiction, can be corrected when proper treatment is in place. Staying away from alcohol for a long period of time, could help to partially heal some effects which alcohol has induced.

Alcohol addiction also has some effects on the behavioural pattern of an individual. The person might have issues with remembering things often, alongside with regular confusion, dizziness, slurred speech and the likes.


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