A drug rehab is the best gift which a drug addict can get. It can be regarded as the best solution to drug addiction which must have plagued his or her life for a period of time. However, before a drug rehab is accessible to an addict, he must have accepted the fact that he is addicted, and he needs help.

In British Columbia, there are a good number of people who have gotten help in the following drugs related services

  • Detoxification centres
  • Heroin addiction
  • Long term drug treatments
  • Private drug rehabs
  • Prescription drugs dependency


It can be stated that the ideal program for people who are addicted to drugs, and also have certain mental health issues, is determined by the needs of the individual.

In British Columbia, Detoxification is a medical service which is structured to stabilize addicts who have ingested substances all in a bid to alter their mood positively. Hence, when there is a sudden termination of drugs intake, withdrawal is induced, and it could cause health complications. Therefore, there is a need for detoxification, and on the average, it takes some days to complete, depending on the individual.

There is also Outpatient treatment, which is a form of counselling service which is given either once or twice a week. The number of sessions conducted depends on the progress of the client. Outpatient treatment could be in groups or individually.

Day treatment is another available programme for drug rehab in British Columbia. This is a variety of outpatient counselling which is given 3 to 8 hours each day. It is a substitute to residential treatment, because the client goes home after each treatment.

There is Residential treatment, which is also known as primary treatment. This programme basically involves full time supervision, and it is mostly used when the drug use has advanced to dependence.

Sober living is another programme which is available in British Columbia, and it is given to clients who have finished their residential treatment, but need a higher level of support than what is given at home.


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