In the world today, the incidence of drug abuse is increasingly alarming. Day in, day out, people get addicted to all sorts of drugs, all in a bid to alter one or two things about themselves. The fact about this remains that, the produced effects are usually ephemeral, as they do not last for long. Most times, this addiction to drugs, is a solution to a condition which they never wanted in the first place, and currently have no solution to.

In Alberta, and a host of other developed places in the world, one common social issue is drug addiction, and the demands for drug rehab has also been on the increase for some years. Currently, there are some new substance which are popping up such as methamphetamine and crystal meth, which are known to be strong addictive stimulants which drastically causes changes in the central nervous system.

There are some side effects such as brain damage, hallucination and the likes. Drug rehabs in Alberta are proficient, and they can aid in the treatment of a drug addict. In a bid to combat the problem of Drug addiction in Alberta, the Protection of Children Abusing Drugs Act was enacted by the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse commission. What this Act enables is, it allows youths to get help or drug addiction, without being in any form of legal trouble.

The following are proficient drug rehabs in Alberta

  • Adult and Youth Counselling Athabasca
  • Youth Counselling Barrhead
  • Bonnyville Indian Metis Rehabilitation Centre
  • Youth Counselling Bonnyville
  • Youth Counselling Brooks
  • Wellpoint Health Services Calgary
  • Sunrise Native Addiction Services
  • Surehire Calgary
  • Fresh Start Recovery Centre
  • Teen Challenge Alberta
  • We Care Home Health Services Calgary
  • Alberta Seventh Step Society
  • Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women


Basically, an addict who wants to break free from addiction, needs to come to terms with the fact that he or she is addicted, and needs help. Once, this fact has been accepted, then it is advisable to commence with the addiction treatment process, which usually starts with Detoxification.

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